Troubadours and Sonneteers

The continuing presence of lyric in many cultures and media forms proves the endurance of older models of expression and modes of understanding today, with the central feature of the language of lyric poetry, originally and often thereafter as performed song, but also as verse meant for private and silent or collective and shared reading. This conference aims to provide a common and seminal understanding of a global medieval and Renaissance literature, as the model of literary scholarship and pedagogy moves away from the single literary traditions associated with particular (especially European) nation states. In this regard, the project openly and enthusiastically embraces lyric and other relevant cultural forms generated in the ‘global south’ and throughout Africa and Asia as well as Europe.

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Session Speakers

Luke Bender
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures
Yale University
Josiah Blackmore
Chair, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
Nancy Clark Smith Professor of the Language and Literature of Portugal
Harvard University
Bernd Brabec
Assistant Professor
Institute of Musicology, University of Innsbruck
Ardis Butterfield
Marie Borroff Professor of English
By courtesy, Professor of French and Music
Yale University
Harry Carter
Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature
Stanford University
Thibaut d’Hubert
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Southern Asian Languages and Civilizations
University of Chicago
Marisa Galvez
Professor of French and Italian
Professor, by courtesy, of German Studies and of Comparative Literature
Director, French and Italian
Director, Structured Liberal Education
Stanford University
Roland Greene
Mark Pigott KBE Professor
Anthony P. Meier Family Professor of the Humanities
Director, Humanities Center
Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Stanford University
Sara Guérin
Associate Professor of History of Art
University of Pennsylvania
Timothy Hampton
Aldo Scaglione and Marie M. Burns Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and French
University of California, Berkeley
Timothy Harrison
Associate Professor in English and the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought
University of Chicago
Isaac Harrison Louth
Doctoral Candidate in English
Princeton University
Jane Mikkelson
Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Yale University
Su Fang Ng
Professor of English and Clifford A. Cutchins III Professor
Virginia Tech
Giulio Pertile
Lecturer in Early Modern Literature
University of St Andrews
Ayesha Ramachandran
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Yale University
Jesse Rodin
Associate Professor of Music
Stanford University
Daniel Sheffield
Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Princeton University
Brian Steininger
Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
Princeton University
Eliza Zingesser
Associate Professor of French
Columbia University


Nigel Smith

William and Annie S. Paton Foundation Professor of Ancient and Modern Literature
Department of English
Princeton Universirty

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Bain-Swiggett Fund, Department of English

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Humanities Council

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Committee on Renaissance and Early Modern Studies